Robots, Fashion, and the Perfect Fit

Whenever I think of visiting a tailor, I think of the Seinfeld episode where a conversation with Jerry, George, and Kramer discuss the way his tailor moves aside "his boys" to measure his inseam., an Estonian robotics company has developed a solution.

Although 'Clothing' is currently the largest single online retail sector, estimated to be worth $26 billion a year in the US alone, only 7% of clothing is bought online. Of that 7%, the rate of returned merchandise is very high, mainly due to the fact that consumers cannot try on clothes before buying. That rate (of returns) goes over 40% for some types of fitted clothing, and associated costs for retailers. aims to reduce returns and increase sales by allowing buyers to see clothes on a mannequin with the exact dimensions of the buyer’s body.

It allows a buyer to see a size on his own body shape, by using mathematical algorithms to manipulate the most similar image of the robot. This is then combined with information about the physical properties of the garment and how it takes on shape (some materials are more clingy or stretchy than others) to show the user a simulation of the garment on his body shape. Sizing samples are put on the robot for each of the target body shapes, and the result is photographed. Currently there is only a male mannequin, but a female version is expected by the end of the summer.

So get ready fashionistas, it will be easier than ever to own that designer outfit you've been lusting after. When you can virtually 'try it on' before you buy it, and it looks gorgeous on you, why not?


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