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Khala is young upcoming designer doing her best to create fashionable evening and cocktail dresses for her company Khalalelo Designs. Khala entered the fashion industry at only 18 years of age, designing for runway shows, creating her own alterations company, and designing outfits for her large network of clientele all while still attending school. She’s done many fashion shows and events in Montreal and is now branding out to other provinces (just recently showcased her line at an elite venue Tryst in Toronto). She aims to continue her success in building her own company, branding out throughout the rest Canada, and to finally graduate from College Lasalle in early May 2012.

I truly live by the quote stated by the famous Eleanor Roosevelt

No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.

I think it’s important for everyone who is starting out in this crazy competitive business to understand that anything is possible and to not let anyone tell you otherwise.

I started to create the Khalalelo Designs business in 2009, right out of high school. I did my first fashion clothing line, still learning how to sew but with great determination I did my first fashion show charity event. I kept on motivating myself to continue my designs!

People think I’m crazy for starting my business while still in school; and yes it’s tough but it’s my passion. I can’t help myself but work and strive towards my goal and dream. My classmates say they want to start their own lines too, but are too busy or too tired from school projects. I always say just start somewhere, just design something, or make something that’s not for school. You’re finally the boss, and get to make your own decisions and it’s so rewarding in the end!

One of my teachers, Nathalie Carriere, has really taught me a lot about this industry and has inspired me as a young up-and-coming designer, to enter this industry in a different way. When you see the goings-on backstage at fashion shows, you see and hear people are yelling and screaming at another, co-workers trash talking each other at work. This really needs to change; we need to learn to be more kind and caring to another. Treat each other with respect! Yes we can be competitive but I think us as a young generation of fashion designers, can change these old negative ways.

I think my biggest fans and motivators are my models, they are so encouraging! They are the ones that try on my new outfits and give me honest feedback. I know some designers treat them like walking dress forms, but I really like to get personable with my models, and all the people I work with!

I’ve really learned a lot by being a part of this industry (a lot that fashion school doesn’t teach you!), and I’m still learning and growing as a designer every day. I’m really excited to see what the future holds for me, and my company, Khalalelo Designs.

“All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them”- Walt Disney

Find Khala at:

Credits - Photographers: Peter Liang & Steven Zhao

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