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Everyone wants to feel wanted and everyday, I go out of my way to tell people that I like their clothes or their hair or anything positive that I see! If you think it, might as well say it. Right??? So i started to think to myself, why not take their picture after telling them that I think they have a great style!!!  I started my blog when I was doing an internship New York where street style is so influential.

When I was not working, I would keep my camera on me everywhere!!! While I was taking the subway to work or on break or whenever someone walked by me with an outfit that would make the Cold Crush brother say  “That was outfit was no accident!!!”  In New York  the women with good style were very sceptical and almost never wanted me to take a photo of their style. The men were a whole different story, they just loved it! They would post up in their best stance and say "yaaa i have great style".

I try to only pick outfits that you rarely see - when they truly master the art of style with ease - where from head to toe their style meld into one great outfit.

Montreal has a big hip hop scene and we have a lot of pioneers that make a point to go out with their freshest gear and really put some effort into their ensemble. I hope that one day this blog will give recognition to our Montreal hip hop fashion scene and everyday  I will do my best to post at least once to show my love to hip hop street style.

check my blog Style with Ease for the stories behind the following pictures and more

Pink - Style With Ease

Style with Eaze

Style with Eaze

Style with Eaze

Style with Eaze

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