MFW18 Day 2 - Midi Fashion with Simon Chang, Frank Lyman etc.

Semaine de Mode Montréal 18
Silvia Di Iorio
Exclusive highlights from the front row at 555 Chabanel’s Midi Fashion Show, presented by the CIMM! Overall, it was a fast-paced show as the models strutted down the runway one after another, one clothing brand after another. Most, if not all of the shows used leggings and skinny pants in their collections. Also, a lot of the coats and sweaters defined the waistlines with a belt. All of the pieces were designed with the real woman in mind, and not just highly stylized for the glamorous runway. The morning ended with a colourful bang as Simon Chang stole the show with his latest collection.



Let me just say, I am against the use of real fur. About twenty minutes before the first show, which happened to be Nobel Furs, I had actually pulled out a Peta flyer from my coat pocket as I was searching for something else. Ironic? Many of the winter coats had either black or gray fur trims on the collars and cuffs. Those poor animals…

Nobel Furs MidiFashion fall/winter 2010

Nobel Furs MidiFashion fall/winter 2010


Black and white sweaters, with a hint of purple. My favorite ensemble was a simple gray sweater with a hood, paired with black gloves and black leggings. There was even a purple sweater with ruffles on the center front that I thought was very chic.

Alison Sheri MidiFashion fall/winter 2010

Alison Sheri MidiFashion fall/winter 2010


From black fur coats with studded details to a knee-length brown coat cinched at the waist to leather jackets. I liked the variety (minus the fur). There was a short black leather jacket over a black-and-white leopard print bodice, with leggings, which I thought was a stylish ensemble.

Samuel Dong MidiFashion fall/winter 2010


There’s nothing more classic and empowering than a tailored jacket, and Scapa exhibited that beautifully. Variations in the tailored jacket ranged from leopard print to black-and-white patterns, to purple, and even gray. It was nice not only to see skinny jeans, but straight black pants and basic skirts as well.

SCAPA MidiFashion fall/winter 2010


A lot of black and gray, which you probably guessed is the main color palette favored by designers for the upcoming Fall/Winter season. A knee-length dress with a turtle neck done in baby blue was a nice change from the sombre shades of winter. A white shirt with ruffles on centre front paired with black skinny jeans and boots also caught my attention.

CoCO Y Club MidiFashion fall/winter 2010


Frank Lyman Design also presented us with white ruffled shirts and black leggings. More purple: a purple knee-length 3/4-sleeve dress, a purple belted sweater, and a purple patterned V-neck sweater. The collection even offered a slightly off-shoulder simple green sweater. It stood out among the black and gray sweaters, in a good way.

Frank Lyman Fall/Winter 2010


I really enjoyed Dong’s collection. Sleeveless and one-shoulder dresses graced the runway. I was happy to see a one-shoulder loose black crystal pleated dress, followed by a floor-length black crystal pleated skirt paired with a red jacket with zipper front. This collection captured much interest. I envisioned myself wearing the black coat with centre front ruffles. Stunning.

Samuel Dong MidiFashion fall/winter 2010

Samuel Dong MidiFashion fall/winter 2010


Though we saw leggings and sweaters yet again, the details in Bawa’s collection were unique among the designers. I really liked the zipper trimmings near the hem of a long-sleeved slim blue dress, as well as the hood on a black coat.

Zenobia MidiFashion fall/winter 2010


Simple, straight-cut coats with large collars and button closures. Most coats were belted at the waist only at the front of the garment. A navy blue double-breasted coat with a high collar was wonderfully done. Black sequins made an appearance on a loose bodice that was paired with straight black pants. Very clean-cut style.

Lundstrom MidiFashion fall/winter 2010


The models were really dynamic during Chang’s show. It was visually interesting, so much so that it stood out among the previous collections. There were purples, reds, leopard prints, busy patterns, matching denim pieces, and one of my favorites – an all-over sequined dress.

Simon Chang MidiFashion fall/winter 2010

Simon Chang MidiFashion fall/winter 2010

Simon Chang MidiFashion fall/winter 2010

Simon Chang MidiFashion fall/winter 2010

Simon Chang MidiFashion fall/winter 2010

Simon Chang MidiFashion fall/winter 2010

Simon Chang MidiFashion fall/winter 2010

Photographs by Abir Shah

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