MFW19 Day 1 - Parisian, Nautical & Elegance at David Dixon

Semaine de Mode Montréal 19
Silvia Di Iorio
I have admired David Dixon ever since he launched his Barbie collection for The Bay last year, which was very successful to say the least. So it was really exciting to watch his show at Montreal Fashion Week on Monday. The designer’s Spring/Summer 2011 collection is mainly inspired by "nautical" influences mixed with "a picnic by the Eiffel Tower maybe, or a bike ride in a resort town to have dinner with friends."

To sum up Dixon’s collection in one word: Elegant. Vibrant red, blue, white, and neutral colors blended well to bring about the designer’s intended theme. From basic floral printed patterns to contrasting bold wide stripes, the collection offered the right balance between a classic, nostalgic, almost "vintage feel" and a modern luxury.

David Dixon s/s 2011 Mfw 19

In addition to the wonderful colors were the fabrics Dixon used – silk and faux alligator help to enhance the basic shapes of some of the garments by adding sheen and light textures. These elements all pull together to create a fresh collection for the woman who has an appreciation for refined fashion.

David Dixon s/s 2011 Dresses MFW 19

The hourglass silhouette, a shape I think is most favored by fashion designers, was evident in Dixon’s collection. A popular look among the garments: a dress with a fitted bodice and an accentuated waistline that flares out to the hem. Pleats at the waist gave more fullness to the models walking down the runway, which suggested a hint of 50’s femininity.

David Dixon s/s 2011 Blazers MFW 19

The models’ bright red lipstick and gorgeous blue stilettos polished the looks from head to toe. The structured blazers can be mixed and matched with any of the skirts or pants. What’s great about the garments is that they can easily transition from the runway directly to real life.

At last, three floor-length dresses graced the runway before the show’s end. The first was a white silk dress with a simple fitted bodice that flowed outwards away from the body. From the waist down, the dress was adorned with white sequins sewn in a manner that made it appear almost feather-like. Absolutely delicate and feminine. The final two dresses were similar in style. Evident was the classic vibrant red that has been present throughout the show. Both were strapless and flowed very nicely.

David Dixon at MFW 19 s/s 201i

The show ended on a jovial note with the song "Close To Me" by The Cure, as the models emerged onto the runway in single file in their color-coordinated outfits. David Dixon happily appeared, also color-coordinated wearing a vibrant red knit sweater over a white shirt and blue jeans. To conclude, Dixon’s show exhibited a unified theme with much attention to detail not only in the garments’ feasibility, but the fabric assortment as well.

Visit for more info on the designer and where to buy his fabulous clothing!

Photographs by Abir Shah

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