Glimpses of day 2, 3 and 4 at MFW21

Semaine de Mode Montréal 21
So another edition of Montreal fashion week is wrapped up! Lots of changes I noticed this time compared to previous showings. Firstly it's been moved earlier to stay ahead of NYFW and the like I hear, so it felt a lot like an end-of-summer event. Also I saw a lot less of those ladies with tray-loads of goodies meandering the crowds in the cocktail lounge; like I mentioned the other day...sign of cutbacks perhaps? Something positive that I did notice however, was the use of social media - live streaming of all shows and umpteen interviews with designers straight from the ramp.


Day 2 at SMM21 did have some good showings, but my favourite was Anomal Couture. I loved the play with dark colours and textures, combined with those eclectic silhouettes.

Anomal Couture 1

Anomal Couture 2


Day 3 was studded with good, but what stood out by far was Samuel Dong. Feminine and fresh in gorgeous prints, Dong's S/S'12 line totally rocked that ramp.


Samuel Dong  2

Samuel Dong 3


Day 4's star was Vickie, whose line !NU was outstanding to say the least. I missed her showing, but managed to meet her right after with the lovely Robyn. Her line with graceful lines remind me of my all time favourite designer Jil Sander (although Vickie adds an original touch with print combos) which is why I hope to connect with the talented designer again and bring you more details.

!NU S/S 2012 Collection

!NU S/S 2012

!NU S/S 2012


The last show on Day 4 closed SMM21 with splendour and glitz. Caroline Neron's jewelry lived up to the hype it created; the show started late... by more than 30 minutes, whether intentional or just because it was the final show of the season, is hard to tell. But the models were gorgeous, and the choreography stood out for me - refined, elegant, focused, yet fun. Neron's jewelry was simply breathtaking, see for yourselves...

Caroline Neron Jewellery

Caroline Neron Jewellery

Caroline Neron Jewellery

Caroline Neron Jewellery


Photo Credits: Jimmy Hamelin

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