Tailor-made at Tavan & Mitto and DUY

Silvia Di Iorio
Fashion Week in Montreal kicked off its 22nd edition with a couple of chic tailor-inspired shows. Fall/Winter 2012-2013 is looking pretty classy and sophisticated – love it!


The designers of the brand, Payam Tavan and Mike Mitto, are primarily known for their immaculate detail in design, cut, and overall workmanship. After all, you wouldn’t expect any less from designers who have Gianfranco Ferré and Chanel on their résumés!

For their Fall collection, Tavan & Mitto opted for clean cut wool pieces and textured sweaters. Sheer fabrics were provocatively used to create beautifully cut blouses and dresses, and even an entire pair of sheer trousers. Beautiful? Absolutely. Practical for the everyday woman? Maybe not. Regardless, it was done tastefully and with class.

Tavan Mitto - Fall/Winter 2012 at MFW22

Tailored trousers were naturally paired with neatly tucked in blouses. Neutral colors such as black, navy, cream, and white were contrasted by the bronze metallic fabrics, which added vibrancy to the collection as a whole. Voluminous shapes were effortlessly done and waistlines were defined by skinny belts. Oversized bronze metallic clutches were the perfect accessories and used in moderation.

The bronze metallic pieces towards the end of the show really stood out and were lovely. Tavan & Mitto did a fantastic job overall with their latest collection. Perfect cuts and excellent workmanship are qualities that they definitely possess, and that every Montreal designer should strive to achieve. Looking forward to more successful collections from the design duo in the future.

Tavan Mitto - Fall/Winter 2012 at MFW22

Tavan Mitto - Fall/Winter 2012 at MFW22

Tavan Mitto - Fall/Winter 2012 at MFW22



Another great tailor-made collection, this time from DUY. Described as “rough-and-tough chic, Grace Kelly meets James Dean” by the designer, Duy Nguyen, the Fall 2012 collection lived up to its theme.

Luxury fabrics made from natural fibers such as wool and silk, and leather mohair were used in rich dark colors like royal blue and emerald. Details like zippers on the centre back of dresses and snaps brought out the “James Dean” aspect to the graceful pieces. The 50s influence was evident in the hourglass silhouettes and trousers. It was so nice to see the mesh of structure and fluidity in the garments as they were making their way down the runway.

Duy - Fall/Winter 2012 at MFW22

Like Tavan & Mitto, DUY featured sheer pieces that were beautifully done. Fabric combos inspired some of the best outfits of the collection. One of my favorites, a monochromatic black sheer bodice with a wool peplum corset (a staple in this collection) and a long wool skirt. Simply gorgeous.

There was an air of couture about the entire collection, but definitely refined and modern. Hopefully Duy continues to push his boundaries out of his usual comfort zone in seasons to come.

Duy - Fall/Winter 2012 at MFW22

Duy - Fall/Winter 2012 at MFW22

Duy - Fall/Winter 2012 at MFW22


Photo Credits: Jimmy Hammelin, Allen McEachern

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