Semaine de Mode Montréal 23

Day 4 - Anomal Couture Lives up to Expectations

The last show of the 23rd edition of Montreal Fashion Week was as expected - stunning. I loved every piece in the Anomal Couture collection, and would happily own them all if I could! For this evening, Sonia of Anomal Couture was kind enough to help me find something I loved. Read on.

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Day 3 - Annie 50, Hip & Bone, Rudsak

We are now into the final two days of Montreal Fashion Week, and today seems to have been my favourite thus far. I had a hard time narrowing down images for this post, so will post the rest on FB, link at the bottom of this article. And this tweed jacket by Montreal designer Ralph Leroy was my style choice for the occasion.

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Day 2 - Iris Setlakwe, DUY, Denis Gagnon, UNTTLD

From the highly eclectic collection of Denis Gagnon to the very practical wear-to-work collection from Iris Setlakwe, the 2nd day of Montreal Fashion Week had it all. Here is what we found...

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Spring-Summer 2013 with Tavan Mitto, Melissa Nepton, Anastasia Lomonova and Martin Lim

The 23rd edition of Montreal Fashion week began today at a new, larger location - the Arsenal in Griffintown. This stylish centre for contemporary art is where fashionistas are flocking to, this week.

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