When Street Fun Meets Real Life

Classic, elegant, smart couture for women. There are many ways to describe this young designer’s line. Chic and trendy, of course. Foxy and intuitive, no doubt. But there seems to be only one word suited perfectly to this up-and-coming artist, and that is audacity.

I stumbled upon Eve Gravel Design by accident. I was rummaging through websites to find something new and fresh to wear, and there it was, like a gift from heaven. Ok, that may sound a bit corny, but if you’ve ever come across a line that so resembles you it’s as though the designer had captured the very essence of your dream and sewn it, you’d understand that what I’m feeling right now is very spectacular. It is not unlike meeting your fashion soul mate.

Eve Gravel - Fall/Winter 2010

Described as a line “made for the uncompromising woman who knows who she is,” Eve Gravel Design’s collection has an awe of flawless femininity. The clothes seem tailor-made for the modern, versatile woman.

“I create my collections based on what I experience and what I feel,” explains Gravel. “There are days when I feel like a woman, and others where I feel like a tomboy or a mischievous child."

Eve Gravel - Fall/Winter 2010

And it shows because no matter which shoes you have to fill when you get up in the morning – be it mother, daughter, friend, lover or professional – you’ll find your perfect match. These clothes morph into your individuality. Or you into them. Whichever the case, it doesn’t matter, it all fits so beautifully.

After graduating from Ottawa’s Richard Robinson Academy of Fashion and feeling the fashion vibe with Georges Lévesque, Kevin Allwood, and Kathleen Kovats, Eve Gravel launched her eponym label in Montreal in 2002. She quickly went national, before expanding into the U.S. and, of course, France. Eve has been known to dress singers Ariane Moffatt and Jorane, and actress Lucie Laurier, but it is Kate Moss and Vanessa Paradis that she now longs to work with. “I would know what to do with their shapes,” she tells LouLou magazine.

Eve Gravel - Fall/Winter 2010

While Eve’s first collections showed a raw, street edge that tend to characterize young designers looking to please the club-hopping crowd, her craft has since evolved and given way to a more stand-alone, timeless beauty. And with the Spring Summer 2010 collection about to hit the stores, Eve has unveiled her Fall-Winter 2010-2011 collection on March 2 during Montreal Fashion Week.

EGD can be found in Montreal at Boutique Unicorn, Three Monkeys, The Bay, Agence Ka, Delano, and Cokluch. Visit www.evegravel.com for more details.

Eve Gravel - Fall/Winter 2010

Eve Gravel - Fall/Winter 2010

Photographs from the Montreal Fashion Week - Eve Gravel - 2010 fall/winter collection by Abir Shah

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