Meticulously Chic Jewelry & Headbands by Terra Moda Designs

Inherently chic with a desire to interpret images into little works of art, Terra Moda designers bring to life, visions inspired from their travels to the Mediterranean coast and the South American continent. Drawn and fascinated by natural stones, gems and rich fabrics, they have created original pieces accommodating elegant designs with a contemporary sensibility.

Among the collections you will find pendants, funky earrings, rosaries, pearls, gems all you can layer up and head adornments for enhancing your glamorous side.

All designs are handmade in Canada only with the finest of materials.

An exotic bazaar of emeralds, onyx, ruby and other semi-precious gems solely in sterling silver.

Lush beauty in the finest details of brushed gold on sterling silver.

You can handpick cascades of these worldly feel like stones, layers of rubies and striking headbands  in Montreal boutiques, in London, UK and online shops.

For additional information and a glimpse of the diverse selection we invite you to visit the website

♥ - Terra Moda Designs

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