Love to Tango?

Have you ever dreamed of performing a sultry pas de deux in a dim alley in the middle of Buenos Aires? Or have you dreamed of being lead graciously by Al Pacino in the lush dining room of a grand hotel on a sunny afternoon? If your answer is yes, well you'd better learn to Tango! Which I did, not too long ago :) I had the pleasure of participating in a pre-Milonga at Air de Tango studio, where Mylène with her team of professionals and some friends introduced us to this fiery dance and showed us a few steps.

In that spirit, I gathered for your viewing pleasure some timeless clips that without doubt, will get you in the mood!


Gracefully sexy


Now back to my practice session... I did crush a few toes (apologies to my partner!), but my gaze was consistently distracted by the glamourous & colourful display of character shoes at the back of the room! Yes ladies I swear you have never seen a spread of shoes so delightful in your life. Like exotic birds on a perch, those little gems were nicely lined up by size, each one of them sporting their own flair. Fucshia and yellow patent leather, towering gold hills, dainty flower appliqués, and the most sexy and well patterned strappy sandals I ever saw.

Milonga sandals

Milonga sandals 2

Tango Sandal

We indulged ourselves and tried on a few pairs and to our pleasant surprise, these shoes were really comfortable! So if you are a clacker enthusiast make sure to book an appointment at Air de Tango for a personal shopping session or swing by a Friday Milonga and treat yourself! You deserve it, what say?

Images Credit: Julia C. Vona

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