Exciting Times at The Fashion Society

The Fashion Society is the new kid on the block, having been around for about a year now. Yet the company has grown relatively fast, thanks to the team that makes up The Fashion Society and the programs they have implemented to propel their growth.

It is this team that has insisted on a growth based on good service, quality products that are in season and in stock and by embracing the ‘Made in Canada’ option as a compliment to the designer brands they currently carry.

Having barely wrapped up Toronto Fashion Week, (including being a panelist in the "Fashion in the Digital World" event hosted by Fashion Forward) and formally presenting their manufacturing capability at the Fashion Group International, the team is now hard at work preparing their participation at the Regina Fashion Week.  It is here where The Fashion Society aims to officially launch their new brands including “N by Fashion Society” and “Fashionatti Essentials”.

The Fashion Society

'N by Fashion Society' is a label that focuses on Functional Fashion. Inspired by the ‘5 à 7’ culture in Montreal, it embraces fashion styles for a professional setting and that stays with you through the night as you paint the town in style. 'Fashionatti Essentials', named after our very stylish blog, takes accessories to a whole new level. Appropriately named, these essentials are designed to enhance, enrich and just add a touch of Fab to any look.

The Society's blog and fashion news, presented in their Blog Fashionatti made up of both guest contributors from Montreal and Toronto as well as regular contributions from Toronto based Blogger Derek Drapala.

Like many great companies, The Fashion Society started with an idea meant at addressing a need in the market. George Fu (Co-Founder and VP of Marketing) recalls:

About a year ago, one morning, while Luis Diaz (Co-Founder and CEO) and I were chatting he was complaining about how the night before he received an order he had placed online previously, that he completely forgot about due to the time it took for the item to be delivered. As he ranted, he was on his smartphone researching the company and was telling me how well they were doing despite the poor customer service.

After this conversation, we started analyzing the delivery issues of this and other similar companies as a business case like we had done countless times in our MBA classes. Not so long after, we formulated recommendations for this company and that’s when the light bulb went on. We realized we had just created a business plan - one that we could implement by ourselves.

That night Luis shared the idea with Natalia Zuniga (Co-Founder and Fashion Director) and The Fashion Society was created.

The Fashion Society

And where is The Fashion Society headed? In the words of Luis Diaz:

We strive to become a household name for the right reasons. Trending designs by talented boutique designers, in demand pieces by renowned designers, great prices and an even better customer experience. We believe that everyone should be a member The Society.


Twitter: @FS_CO
Instagram: thefashionsociety
The Fashion Society

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