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Silvia Di Iorio
While reading the latest news in fashion, I stumbled upon a fascinating tidbit of information: Gucci is launching an haute couture line. (“Gucci to Launch a Couture Collection? That’s the Word From Milan”, by Britt Aboutaleb - A surge of excitement immediately filled up in my heart. Following in the footsteps of renowned couture designers such as John Galliano for Dior and Karl Lagerfeld for Chanel, Gucci’s own Frida Giannini will join the tradition of the hand-made, carefully crafted fantasy-like gowns that would make any woman sigh in admiration.

Frida Giannini

The upsetting part about Aboutaleb’s article is the doubt expressed in Giannini’s creative abilities. As I searched for more information on the topic, I couldn’t help but be appalled by the negative feelings towards this idea. Sure, Giannini is not certified by the Chambre Syndicale de la Haute Couture and she is no legend like Lagerfeld. Is that a valid reason not to have faith in the fashion designer? I think not.

I believe haute couture needs a leading female designer on their side who is bold enough to take this leap. Giannini will likely inspire many female designers, myself included, for taking this bold move and expanding the world of Gucci as we know it. In the fast-paced world we live in where fashion is evolving at the speed of light thanks to mass production, Giannini’s choice made me wonder: What happened to the quality garments that expressed a designer’s inner creative freedom? Well, I think that is the issue being suggested with the emergence of the Gucci couture collection. Today’s world does not need any haute couture, but it exists because designers yearn to convey their creativity and consumers like to fulfill their fantasies.

GUCCI 2010GUCCI 2010

Giannini is also changing the rules of couture by making the new Gucci couture collection available to celebrity clients, by appointment only. Meaning, no fashion shows. Gucci couture gowns will go from production room to red carpet, which puts a fresh spin on things. This elevates the mystery, intrigue, and anticipation to see more of the collection. At least, it does for me.

Giannini is a brilliant modern designer. Her leadership and confidence in her designs make it all the more possible for the success of Gucci’s couture brand. Nothing will stop a woman with a strong creative vision – and I can’t wait for her to prove her critics wrong.

Image via and the GUCCI 2010 Collection

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