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Designers draw sketches for new seasons about a year before the season begins. The models wear the new trends for spring in the fall, and the new trends for winter in the summer. And then it reaches you. Yes you, the fashionista who will buy that ELLE magazine in March and see that almost the whole issue is based on the new trends for Spring, or you walk into Zara & H&M and you completely ignore the winter sale rack and sniff out those summer dresses, or you just look at anything floral or colorful, because you know, you feel, that you should start thinking about spring/summer.

Spring sounds delicious to us here in Montreal. Just think... soon, you will be walking on streets filled with gladiator sandals (yes those are still in this season), and Ugg's can hide at home in shame..

Trends for the upcoming seasons are beautiful, I know because I've inspected them on style sites. From the runways to the ads to the editorials, here are the most important trends for the season to come.

Nude colors: That perfect nude color dress that could be the ultimate 24h outfit.

Paired with classic heels or flats for work, a white bag goes amazing with a nude dress. And keep the hair and make-up classic.

After work shopping... grab a pair of chic sunglasses, and put some extra bronzer on your face. So even if you are just shopping on Saint-Catherine or Saint-Laurent, your face and style with that nude dress will make you look like you were in Cannes just the other day.

Spring 2010 Trends

Drinks and dinner at night... put on a pair of gladiator heels, grab a clutch the shade of gold, and pink lips! Keep hair loose and wavy for this look. Be prepared to look chic and sexy.

Orange & yellow: It's like a citrus splash on your style.

It appears the color yellow makes people happy. I bought a yellow dress at Mango, and I must say it made me happy.

A orange dress can make some of you feel like prison inmates, but don't think of it that way. Choose an orange dress with ruffles, pair it with a huge belt, and you can completely change your look!

See-through & sheer fabrics: Lingerie inspired clothing.

It's the time for those of you who love lingerie to get away with wearing it in public. Try beautiful laced corset bras under sheer tops, and a black figure hugging sheer dress over a beige laced body suit. Tres Dolce & Gabbana, non?

Pale wash torn jeans: Great casual & dressed up for going out.

Ever since Balmain introduced a collection full of military jackets with shoulder pads and bejewelled loose t-shirts with ripped pale skinny jeans, those jeans have become what I think will be a trend that will last a couple of seasons.

What I love about this trend is that anybody can wear it. Depending on your age, keep the holes in the jeans a minimum. If you are in your twenty's, go for bleached wash with lots of rips, and if you are in your thirty's or forty's, a pale skinny fit with a couple of rips on the knee will do. These jeans go great with a classic white t-shirt from the GAP or with an embellished t-shirt with a jacket over. I especially like to see this with leather jackets. Uber cool!

Make-up trends: Pink lips & minimal face.

Pink lips are very much in this season. Try MAC for brilliant shades that can match any skin tone.

For the face, keep it minimal for an almost no make-up look. Brown is in for the smokey eye, so I would suggest trading your grays and blacks for soft browns and beige hues. What I've seen on the runways, is a healthy looking face. And always, never forget sunblock ! That is the number one thing you should wear everyday.

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