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Silvia Di Iorio
As I approached the counter of watches following the Philip Sparks show during Montreal Fashion Week, my eye immediately caught a glimpse of an ad with Elvis Presley’s picture. Above it read "The American Brand since 1892." I learnt later that Elvis wore the Ventura watch in his film 'Blue Hawaii'. At the counter I met with the cordial (and impeccably-dressed) National Sales Manager, Mr. Thomas Sandrin, who introduced me to the remarkably appealing Hamilton watches.

I was impressed when Mr. Sandrin told us, "we put the first digital watches together and we put the first battery watches together, too." The watch worn by Elvis happened to be the first battery watch in the world. That’s pretty cool trivia.


Philip Sparks himself fancied the watches so much that he had directly contacted Hamilton, asking them to team up with his Fashion Week shows, both in Montreal and Toronto. Honestly, I was focusing more on Sparks’ coats (and the handsome models) to even notice the watches that they were wearing. Nonetheless, I got a closer look after the show and they were pretty attractive – of course, I’m talking about the watches, not the models ;)

Hamilton Watches

It is also very convenient that Philip Sparks’ sailor / Moby Dick inspired clothing collection matches the navy theme of Hamilton’s current watch collections. These are very manly watches; their large frames and thick straps coordinate with the large buttons and collars from Sparks’ coats. I especially liked how, looking over the pictures from the show, one model was wearing his watch over his long-sleeved shirt.

Hamilton Watch on Philip Sparks Model

Mr. Sandrin also showed me one of the popular choices for women, the Khaki BelowZero model, which is regarded as the "boyfriend watch" and adorned with diamonds. I must say, I want one for myself.

It was an absolute delight it was to learn about an extraordinary company and meet some nice people, too. I think it’s definitely Hamilton’s time to shine in Canada (pun intended).

You can find Hamilton watches in downtown Montreal at Matt Bailey (1427 Crescent St.) or visit their website www.hamiltonwatch.com

Kakhi Below Zero

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