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Have you ever entered an awesome store, left with a loaded shopping bag saying "It was all about the store's experience!"? Aside from questioning how that bag got in your hands in the first place, wasn't it just magical living vicariously through the fantasy world the store created? It felt great, it felt right, somehow promising you the necessity of this "find", that you walked out with.  You then repeat to yourself ideas about when and where you will make use of this "find", and also hopefully influence your friends into agreeing with your decision. You are convinced the choice was based on a rational choice, rather than an emotional one. I don't think so! You simply had no choice.

New York City Window Display

Welcome again my friends, to the art of visual merchandising! Visual merchandisers create an ambiance, a mood, a fantasy setting to lure you into a do what you were born to :)... shop. It seems to work on me...the shopping experience intertwined with entertainment and theater. A visual merchandiser builds the companys' name and products through these storytelling events. In turn, the store builds its brand or image.

Creating window displays takes teamwork and participation from all facets of the retail food chain - merchandising directors, designers, artists, as well as the general staff.

New York City Window Display

Colors, designs, props, lighting, sometimes even touch and smell, are all used to create this ambiance and fantasy . I have seen many such window displays and believe they are indeed works of art. I was in New York City recently during fashion week, and could not help but notice the gorgeous window displays, each one more beautiful than the next...enticing, luring and casting their spell on poor moi!.

New York City Window Display

Included here are some pictures of New York's window displays that caught my eye. Yielding to the call, I entered each store, drawn by the uncontrollable force that lured me in. I must admit that almost always, I left with a shopping bag stuffed with another "find", and I promised myself that I would make good use of it. Oh well, that's the beauty of shopping. You sometimes "find" what you are not looking for!

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