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You know an it-bag has passed its peak when fakes start popping up in stands outside the Eaton Centre boutiques. And with Longchamp, that was already last spring. A year later, the big French purse is no longer the classic, elegant alternative to a schoolbag it once was. It may have retained its classic and elegant appearance, but it no longer conveys that same sense of regality. While the Longchamp may still seem eternal, invincible and loved by all, don’t be fooled. It was killed about the time everybody and her neighbour rushed out to buy her very own imitation. Or, more accurately, over-killed by all those women you pass on the street sporting something vaguely- or remarkably- resembling your original.

It’s a shame, really. Le Pliage completed three seasons in Montreal and it deserves a proper eulogy. I could praise the brand for hours- and my black tote definitely served me well (after all, what other designer bag fit for Parisian weather could survive so many harsh northern winters?). But now it’s time to say goodbye, unless being a carbon copy is your calling- and I think not. Adieu, Le Pliage. You will be missed and duly mourned.


To soften the blow, however, I bear good news. There’s something out there just as classy and much more fabulous. And better yet, no one has it.

For now.

Introducing Michael Kors. Oh, he’s been around for a couple of years, hovering, waiting for the right moment to pounce. Well, get ready to be acclaimed, Michael. By September, every self-respecting little rich girl will have her bag- and the wannabees will grip their fake (or reduced-price) Longchamp in envy.

I bought mine right before Reading Week, but I predicted the trend a few months ago, when I was hanging out with two fashion-conscious friends. I remember telling them, “Michael Kors is the new Longchamp,” to which they reacted somewhat sceptically. “I don’t even like Michael,” one of them said, as she hoisted her Longchamp higher onto her lap.

Michael Kors purple

Then when I bought mine, they fell in love. “Pretty! Shiny!” The same non-believer exclaimed, when I brought my MICHAEL by Michael Kors Black tote over. And I have to admit, it is sleek. A bag is a woman’s ambassador and the Michael tote exudes confidence and sex-appeal, in an I-mean-business-but-I-can-be-charming-too kind of way.

It’s also practical. At Ogilvy, where they just opened an actual Kors store, the salesgirl told me my to-be-bag was deceivingly huge. It could even fit a laptop and books, she assured me. And she was right. It doesn’t look big enough for more than one binder, but it’s as expandable as our wallets were before last year’s crisis. And with tightly fastened leather straps, it’s sturdy, too. And did I already mention oh-so-stylish?

Michael Kors pinkZebra print Michael KorsMichael Kors

For those of you who remain skeptical, let me reiterate. Ogilvy added a Kors store to their list of exclusive boutiques. In addition, Holt now has several extra counters dedicated to Michael's creations. These are the experts, and they know something.

You'll also notice the occasional Michael bag on the street. You'll notice it because, for now, it's still one of a kind.

Ladies (and gentlemen), mark my words: Michael Kors is the next big thing.

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Images credit: www.michaelkors.com

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