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Have you ever heard of S.A.D.? Seasonal Affective Depression, is better known as the winter blues, but I have been (self) diagnosed with a shockingly opposite disorder: Seasonal Affective Euphoria, cause: spring fashion.

Normally, I am a practical, organized, no-nonsense kind of girl. Fall is where I draw my biggest inspirations. Sturdy leathers, practical wools, and earth-tones are tempered with unique accessories. Symptoms of my disorder include, desire for romance, drama, color and geometry expressed through clothing: quite probably, the antithesis of my practical, sturdy, no-nonsense attitude and style.

Delicate florals, whimsical prints, subtle neutrals are now what I crave. Each piece has a storyline attached to it before I get it in my possession and once it is in my possession it becomes my uniform.

Florals Katrin Leblond S/S 2010

A floral frock is uniform for a picnic, or an après-swim ensemble for a getaway at a northern lake. Linen shorts in a barely-nude hue become a riverside bike-riding uniform in the old-port. Fluttery peep-toes inspire sun-screen-worthy terrasse brunch and bright, breathable shorts are a fashionista-turned-soccer-coach’s dream.

Seasonal Affective Euphoria has instilled in me a yearn, an ambition for easy-going, un-structured lifestyle, one awakened by spring clothing, shoes and accessories. In this way, fashion has influenced my line of thinking, turning fabric on a rack into a costume for an event that S.A.E. has created and R.S.V.P.’ed me for. The uniform inspires the idea, and in this way spring fashion has carved out my spring and summer plans for me before I even realized.

Pastels Coccolily S/S 2010

Treatment for S.A.E. is unknown, it’s victims are known to submit to it and enjoy the season where swimming, sipping sangria and sunning oneself are most comfortable in Montreal’s temperate climate.

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