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There is much magic to be discovered exploring different parts of the inimitable city of Montreal. From diverse cultures to its ubiquitous fashion awareness, Montreal indeed has a lot to offer those that come with the appetite for art.

I love walking around the city discovering new trends in fashion, the latest shoe craze and of course colours of the season, and I’ll go on and say it: a little shopping thrown in, does my heart wonders!

Quaint, über attractive shops offer rare vintage clothing…the kind inspired by burlesque model, Dita Von Teese. And while I meander the little streets, I can feel in my soul, how vintage wear is now more ‘current’ than ever. Then there is the sophisticated  "à la parisienne" influence on Laurier Street, crammed with lifestyle stores, gourmet shops, elegant boutiques and the recent opening of Juliette et Chocolat where chocolate is nothing short of a work of art. And amidst the antiquity of Old Montreal, I see clearly how the world of art permeates our fashion choices. I must mention Rockland Centre that celebrated 50 years in 2009...if you’re there, you’re bound to spot elegant coiffed women out and about shopping in their Louboutins, wearing minimalist, classy Michael Kors dresses. Don’t forget to pick up the discount passport commemorating 50 years of wonderful fashion at Rockland Mall.

This spring the city is drenched in colours, even as the rain comes down in sheets. Nature provides flowers and birds ; the city provides gorgeous architecture and vibrant graffiti. What’s not to love!…my Montreal, my city!

Montreal Graffiti

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