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As the Wedding, Ball, and Prom season approaches, many women are rushing around trying to find “the dress” that will announce “I have arrived” -- the red carpet moment for the typical fashionista.  Herein lies the dilemma. How can one get that exceptional designer piece without emptying one’s bank account? In these difficult economic times, there is only one solution: the Fashionista must become a Bargainista.

As we continue to recover from the recession, we need to wring as much as we can out of our hard-earned cash. A recent study has found that the economic crisis has dramatically changed the shopping habits of fashionistas. But instead of refusing to shop, the fashion-savvy among us are simply changing their shopping habits. The desire to obtain the latest expensive luxury “it” item has been replaced with the need to seek out quality items at bargain prices -- even if that means wearing last season’s runway samples.  Shoppers are becoming wiser these days. They are selecting “investment” pieces and taking the time to search for them while allowing themselves the due diligence required to prepare for that red carpet moment without over-indulging.

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So today’s style fashionista has decided to take matters into her own hands and become a Bargainista. The search for a designer wardrobe and event pieces starts by learning how to network. She needs to put out the word to friends. She needs to send e-mails to contacts in the fashion world and monitor fashion blogs. She also needs to harness the power of Facebook to hunt down any possible source or connection that could potentially place her on the guest list of a private sample sale, designer showroom sale or stylist call list, in the hopes to bring herself closer to that exclusive designer piece, the piece which holds the most value for her money. Bringing herself closer to that red carpet moment is what every recession-struck fashionista aspires to.

The fashionista/ bargainista will avoid the “splurge” or “indulgence” that leads her to overspend. Instead, she will make sure that she gets onto the guest lists of Montreal’s clothing wholesalers, importers, fashion showrooms and vintage stores. She will also work the eBay store guest lists in the hopes of nailing down the find that will help fulfil her needs.  So Fashionista, are you ready to be promoted to Bargainista this season? Get cracking and prepare to find “the dress” at a designer sample sale near you!


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