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Unassuming 16 year-olds with their haul videos are the new online trend taking fashion cyberspace by storm. Given their half a million plus hits, brands are taking more notice of this emerging phenomenon. For those who came in late, these videos are made by teenage (usually) shoppers sharing their latest cosmetics and other fashion/lifestyle acquisitions on their blogs or online video sites.

‘I’m 16 and work 2 jobs and this is what I save my money for’ as one popular haul video blogger's (Juicystar07) logic goes, gives the heave ho to any recession mindset. Perhaps that’s just one of the reasons for the increasing popularity of these vlogs. Shallow and self serving to those who cannot empathize, these videos are nevertheless, just one more way social media is changing the way we interact online. Some play active roles like our haul video stars while the others are passive viewers who consume the information. What is interesting is that these videos strike a chord with millions and often translate into dollars for the brands.

As a blogger and general trend junkie, I think that these videos are similar to any other voyeurism based media trends out there including reality shows, personal blogs and even facebook updates.

So here’s wishing luck to a new form of self-expression. If you Montrealers have any haul videos of your own, and if you think they are like…really cute and stuff…ummm...send them in…like…umm…today or...ummm....whenever you are like...ummm...ready?  MontrealFashionBizvie.com can help you get the word out about your latest haul.

To wrap it up, here's a haul video about a Montreal shopping experience.

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