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Silvia Di Iorio
Now more than ever, the city is being colored by the signature bleu, blanc, & rouge of the Montreal Canadiens. As the NHL playoffs become increasingly intensified and nerve-wracking, sports stores and boutiques are selling more t-shirts and jerseys sporting the renowned CH logo.

Since the early 1900’s the CH logo and the jersey have been modified numerous times, but nonetheless, its colossal significance still remains. Since this year’s playoffs began, Canadiens fans have been showing their true colors – the tricolore, of course – which means more t-shirt sales.

Jaroslav Halak’s outstanding goal-tending skills, Michael Cammalleri consistent scoring, and P.K. Subban’s rising stardom all got people talking – and wearing their shirts.

I asked some friends, hockey lovers and occasional playoff season fans, what they think of this crazed obsession with the bleu-blanc-rouge clothing. A lot of them wear or want to wear Cammalleri’s shirts. My friend Sheila says, "I want a Cammalleri t-shirt. I think he’s the best player and I hope he becomes captain." Her opinion is shared by many others. Veronica, on the other hand, is content with her nameless and numberless jersey, stating, "For me, it’s about the team itself. I don’t have a player’s name on it because any of them can get traded or they can really suck sometimes."

This is true, and so the t-shirt carries different meanings at different times throughout the player’s career.

So with a fresh batch of new players for the 2009-2010 regular season, what does a hockey fan do with an ex-Canadiens player’s t-shirt? Hockey fanatic Vince believes it’s more than just a fashion statement: "I still wear my Saku Koivu shirt. He’s my hero and the best player to ever play for the Canadiens."

It amazes me that these are the kinds of opinions that would influence one’s choice in Habs wardrobe. It’s great to see people supporting our city’s hockey team through their clothing.


Wearing a Habs shirt isn’t about making a fashion statement or looking pretty. It’s a lot more than that. It gives Montreal habitants a sense of unity to be part of something this big, especially if the Habs continue their successes in the playoffs. This just goes to show how a simple article of clothing such as a t-shirt can mean so much to a large population.

And with that, I’ll finish off by saying… Go Habs Go!


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Silvia Di Iorio

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