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After much anticipation and planning, I embraced our Editorial Photo Shoot with open arms this week. As luck would have it, we ended up with a team ready to work hard and play hard. In my case though, most work had to be done before the shoot. Little did I know that for a photoshoot to be a success there were myriad details to look into, not as simple as get the props and the costumes, are the models here? Let’s roll… No no no, it is waaaay more work than that.

Curious me volunteered to step in as stylist and assistant, and boy did I have my hands full. I wanted to see what went into a real photoshoot and oh yeah, there’s a ton of work involved. Firstly, getting together the outfits was much trickier than I had anticipated, especially because what was designed by the art team is not technically possible and not yet available (cool futuristic fantasy theme). But I scoured the city (with some help) for what I wanted and thankfully managed to find! Then there was the set-up, the green screen, communicating and coordinating with the art director, the models, the photographer, and the MUA (each of them brilliant, talented and hard working, I must add). But we did it, plus we started on time and wrapped up on time, what an achievement! Big thanks go out to our models Felicia Steinfeld & Marc Charles, our MUA and hairstylist Ekaterina Ulyanoff and our photographer Chantale Arsenault. It was a fun learning experience for me, and I know now that I can never look at a magazine in the same light as before. Each page is a culmination of collective creativity and deserves admiration just for pulling it off. For those coming in late, read about our whole selection and judging process here.

I’m excited to see how our shoot turns out, but for the final images we’ll have to wait until our CG team mates have finished working their magic wands. In the meantime, here are some images from a successful, memorable shoot:

Fashion Shoot 3

Fashion Shoot 2

Fashion Shoot 4

Fashion Shoot 1

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