Bodysuit Out, Tights In… For Wonder Woman

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Silvia Di Iorio
  Just a few short weeks ago, Wonder Woman received the biggest makeover of her crime fighting career. At the age of 69, the DC comic book superhero finally breaks out of her iconic star-spangled hot pants / bodysuit to embrace a whole new modern style.  

Back in the 40s, Wonder Woman's costume would have been provocative and daring, making her seem so badass and sexy at the same time. Her costume has gone through some changes over the decades, but nothing in comparison to her new look.


The new DC writer for the Wonder Woman comic series, J. Michael Straczynski, along with artist Jim Lee, have come up with a more modern approach by simply changing up the superhero's image. She still wears her bright red corset, though it is modified. Her gold accessories and gold signature "W" were modified as well. She has also been given an indigo blue jacket and black tights. This darker image renders her less feminine and more fearful than before.

Since Wonder Woman has been wearing more or less the same outfit for over half a century now, Straczynski believed it was time for a major change: “What woman only wears only one outfit for 60-plus years?” Good point.

Also, her new look is more practical when fighting (and possibly more comfortable). Might I also add that the makeover definitely draws in more attention, which is a good thing considering a Wonder Woman live-action film could possibly be on the horizon.

Then again, the best superheroes are known for their costumes, no matter how ridiculous they look. I mean, I cannot envision Spider-Man fighting crime in average-looking clothes: An ordinary-looking man swinging from building to building on strings of spider web? That is an absurd idea. It doesn't work because it takes away from his uniqueness. The same can be said about Wonder Woman.

It’s easy to argue both sides of the spectrum, nonetheless, I think every fashion icon (even an iconic cartoon character) needs some kind of change once in a while. It's a bold move on the comic's part, but I can see this as a positive change. Wonder Woman’s strength and power is now reflected through her outfit, so I'm okay with this change... just as long as Spider-Man never gets a fashion makeover.



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