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So, what happens after you’ve booked your ticket? After you’ve found that four-star hotel for half-price online? And after you’ve bought that amazing black bikini that manages to hide the sins away? You have to, yes bear with me here… PACK! From my experience in being a) A fashionista and b) quite a frequent traveler, I’ve learned that the travel world is not that easy for a fashionista…

I’m still not used to the funny looks I get from Customs & Security when they check my handbag & carry on luggage, because they can’t fathom the need for two make-up cases (What? One is for hair & body and one is for face... and yes those 6 tubes of lipstick might, just might, come in handy!).

I’ve been told numerous times by family and friends that I carry too much luggage. And even though I so often explain that the 10 pairs of shoes I carry ARE important, I have to admit that half of them don’t even get worn on the trip… And so, I promise myself that this summer as I am heading to Europe, I WILL do my best to pack light! One medium size bag weighing less than 20 kg is my objective! Here are my suggestions; I hope they will help you too.

First, research what the climate will be like for the time you will be visiting. Stay light and airy for summer temps, and of course pack your woolens if you’ll be visiting the likes of Moscow in the middle of winter. Then, follow these tips:

Shoes: If you plan to walk a lot during the day, then my best advice would be to carry flip-flops on you in ALL TIMES. You never know when that pair of "no-I-swear-they-are-comfy" sandals will start hurting. During the day, keep it simple and comfortable…either flats or gladiator sandals. And here’s more advice, get insoles! Whatever shoes you may want to wear, if they don’t have arch support, they WILL end up hurting you in the long run. Hurt feet are NOT sexy feet! For the evenings, I would suggest heels, but still think practical. I once walked from Time Square to Central Park in NYC in 5-inch heels. Let me tell you, I wish I had those flip-flops on me then. Another tip, with a great attitude and a cute outfit on vacation, you CAN get away with wearing flip-flops.

Bags: Two bags should be sufficient - one large handbag that you carry with you during the day (make sure it’s comfortable on the shoulder and that it doesn’t get too heavy) and a clutch or a smaller purse for evening/night. Also depending on where you go and where you stay, think about safety. It’s not always a good idea to go with an expensive designer bag and tempt fate (muggings and thefts are a sad reality, especially in big cities).

Outfits: During the day, keep your outfit simple – a few simple tees, versatile if you change the bottom from day to night, and you could even throw a jacket on top. Dresses are my favourite things to wear while on vacation. Why? Because it makes a whole outfit, but takes just a little space to pack. Perfecto! Think thin or linen materials for summer.

Travel outfits

If you need an actual list, here you go:

  1. 1 pair of dark skinny jeans.
  2. 1 pair of black skinny jeans or black leggings (please nothing with zippers on the bottom or fake leather ones).
  3. 1 good jacket (either a black boyfriend jacket or a leather jacket. Classic!).
  4. 1 pair of sandals or flats/1 pair of heels/1 pair of boots.
  5. 2 white/black tees.
  6. 1 comfy cardigan.
  7. 3 dresses! (a LBD, a white dress & a colourful or printed one).

Once you have these key things packed, you will realize that most other things you wanted to bring are not necessary. It’s better not to stress about heavy luggage and worry about extra fees.


Bon Voyage!

Image credits: Jbrand Jeans, Net-a-porter and Danier

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