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The apparent mood of the launch of Wordans, celebrated in a large loft-style warehouse, was all about Montrealers and bloggers embracing the artistic and innovative designs of the basic T-shirt.

Through my observation of so many great t-shirts, I could not help but wonder about the basic t-shirt. Did you know it was James Dean that made the t-shirt popular in his movie 'Rebel Without a Cause'? Tees were actually considered 'underwear' and James Dean and/or Marlon Brando were considered wearing their underwear, imagine how they shocked the world? Today, you and I are witness to how for the TEE has evolved.

Wordans tees

Wordans was organized by Fashion and Beauty publicist, Marjorie Roux, and she is indeed charming and professional. I applaud her for a job well done. Bravo Marjorie! Wordans is about creating custom unique tee-shirts to make your own personal statement. You want to express who you are or how you feel? Say it out loud and proud to the world on your T-shirt. You want to stand out in a crowd? Just wear YOUR Tee. It may be another amusing form of artistic expression but it works. They're designed by artists and created by you, how fun is that? Is it not a great way to showcase your hidden designing talents?

Wordans attendees

The scene included fashion and style amongst Wordans models, Montreal bloggers and anyone who loves a chance to party. The music was so electrifying,  even the DJ could not stop dancing. Wine and cheese were served and it was great way to mingle with Montreal bloggers. Amongst  them were Marjoriescloset, L'Aristocrate, Jeans and Stilettos, ElleMlamode, and Vitamin Daily to name a few. I was also pleasantly surprised to discover and meet Yso, art director and stylist for Denis Gagnon, Gibran Ramos from Mad Maus and Duc Nguyen. The winner of the Design T-Shirt was Charlotte Leblanc, and we each got one at the end of the evening. Always very exciting to get a goodie bag at any event ;)

Wordans group

When it comes to fashion and celebration, we Montrealers sure know how to take something as simple as a Tshirt and have fun. It was indeed a great evening.

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