Adding some Spring Prints to Your Fall Wardrobe

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Missoni, Prada, Paul Smith. Subtle prints for Fall to remind us of spring florals Some beautiful hints of prints; some soft, some a bit louder for Fall 2010. I love how prints can be worn all year round, its our little way of not letting go of that fun part of the summer.

I am, of course a fan of Prada’s collection, opting to not down play fall colours, but brighten them up with some blazing blues! The blue cocktail Prada dress hits all the right notes for fall (according to & Flare Magazine’s Trend Report ♥) it's classic 50's, beautifully bombshell, hues of blues's PRADA people!

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McQueen, H&M, Krystof Strozyna

While some of the designer pieces mentioned might be out of most peoples price range, they are beautiful nonetheless and an absolute must for a fall wardrobe. Prints! I love the dresses but personally, I don’t always wake up feeling fierce. So if these prints are a little too loud for you no worries; H&M also has a beautiful snakeskin/kaleidoscope blazer (from the same line as the middle dress) that will pop any outfit! I loved the original Rorschach mixed kaleidoscope dress by Alexander McQueen, that entire collection is my favorite of the late great designers. Carte Blanche readers already know my love and desire for all Kyrstof Strozyna’s printed geometrical dresses and collection.

So, of course, I’m all for the printed dresses in stores for fall! Make sure you go out and buy yourself some beautiful prints. Although, for a Fall twist to it, I wouldn’t go with the brights you see here. Instead, keep it closer to dark tones (grey, asphalt, burgundy, midnight blues).

But hey, let's keep it to a 2 article minimum for animal prints okay!? Laughing


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