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The holidays are a time when people come together, eat too many calories, and spend a lot...a LOT! And as the tradition goes, it's also time for many to ponder on...what presents to buy our near and dear ones?

With every year that goes by, more of my friends and family tell me they don't want to be gifted anything. Assuming that they haven't found my gifts to be of bad taste :), maybe everyone has become more aware of what the Holidays should really be about; a time to feel grateful for all the abundance we already have and cherish the moments we get to spend together.

Still, giving is part of the holiday spirit, right? So here are my suggestions.

Friends will always love the thought you put into the gift

My friends love anything with a brand name, and yes, that can get quite expensive.  So this year, my best friend and I have decided to give each other a box filled with little things we like, with a maximum budget of 30$. A new lipstick or gloss would be a nice little thing... and she'll have something new to sport on New Years' Eve. An issue of Paris or Italian Vogue would be a nice too, because instead of the usual US Vogue she reads while on her way to work on the bus, she can read something a little different.
Remember that time you went shopping, and she found those studded earrings and ring at Forever 21, that she loved, but didn't get them for herself? Well now is the time! Maybe you too can decide on a Budget with your friends, and fill a box with little things they like. They will be glad to see that you remember their favorite brand of candy. That they needed something and you thought of it!

Christmas Family

Parents always value the personal touch you put in your gift

If your parents are like mine (and I think most parents are), they never want you to spend too much on them. And if you’re like me, you’d want to lavish them with gifts that say thank you for all the times they’ve been there for you this past year. So I suggest getting them something heartfelt and personal. For moms, get something that has to do with her favorite hobby; if she likes decorating, a set of picture frames is a good idea, or a copy of a book or movie she loved when she was little. Not only will it remind her of good memories, but also she will love that you have actually been listening to her :). For dads, I’d go with the same idea. I think a book about something he likes, maybe sports, history, politics or something new from his favorite author. Another great idea that always works with my dad, a nice bottle of scotch or whiskey… I highly recommend Sortilege whiskey!

But no matter what gifts are exchanged, I try to remember that what counts most, is spending quality time with my loved ones. After all, beautiful memories that we create today are the bests gifts for our future!

Have a safe and Merry Christmas!

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