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Silvia Di Iorio
Twas the night before Christmas when an inspired fashion designer created what has now come to be known as "the ugly Christmas sweater". Actually, I’m unfamiliar with the origins of the holiday motif oversized knit sweater, yet it’s no secret that its popularity has grown to new humorous heights. Some people even go so far as to organize ugly sweater parties during the holidays (I had been invited to one). These sweaters are rather charming at this time of year, and it made me wonder… why is that?


Ugly Christmas Sweater

I think it’s a love or hate thing. Sweaters are so practical on cold winter days outdoors. There’s nothing cozier  than a heavy knit sweater in the wintertime, with or without motifs (preferably with). The coziness factor is a redeeming quality indeed. And decorative motifs can be really cute and silly as they add cheerfulness to the surrounding atmosphere. They can also serve as great conversation starters at holiday events.

So how can something so "ugly" cause such positive Christmas spirit all around? Hmm, a paradox.

The ugly Christmas sweater may not be fashionable… or maybe it can be! D&G has tried their hand at reinventing winter motif sweaters in their current Fall/Winter 2010 ready-to-wear collection. Their contrasting snowflake and reindeer patterns are irresistible and completely wearable. Don’t believe me? The pictures are proof!

Add a leather belt cinched at the waist, a pair of fur trim boots, and voilà! An ugly sweater transformed into chicness. And you thought it wasn’t possible, huh. Ok, so maybe these are the prettier versions of the Christmas sweater, nonetheless the concept remains the same whether you’re wearing a tamed or outrageous sweater.

Clothes should be fun, so why not have fun with a festive item that’s acceptable to wear during the holidays! Love it or hate it, the seemingly ugly Christmas sweater will be around for a long, long time. It’s just one of those seasonal items that will likely never go away. And that’s a good thing, trust me.

"Happy Christmas to all, and to all a good-night!"


"Twas The Night Before Christmas", by Clement Clarke Moore

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