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Healthy skin begins with individual attention and expert knowledge - your skin needs to be analyzed three dimensionally! Honestly, your epidermis, dermis, and hypodermis are nothing to laugh at. When going into a new spa or skin care clinic, you should anticipate being asked many questions.

Various things need to be looked at and evaluated; such as genetic history, nutritional history, cosmetic history, work and play lifestyle. All these aspects need to be fully investigated, to better understand the cause and the effect that causes have on your cells and systems. The most detailed consultation processes need to be employed in our profession. Some say it’s a very unique protocol and procedure, however, what else would allow us to effectively pinpoint a variety of skin conditions and link them to their individual causes?

A detailed evaluation enables your esthetician to create a treatment strategy, and only then can a corrective program be developed. The idea is ‘to correct’, and more importantly ‘prevent’. This can be done by home care routines along with various professional treatments. Sometimes an on off for that instant glow is required, while other times it’s a course of treatments over several weeks.

Recently a colleague said to me

never mistake marketing for science

and she is 100% correct. When reading magazines, buying OTC and even at a professional’s office or clinic always ask the questions:

  1. Why – do I need this product?
  2. How – do I apply it?
  3. When – do I apply it?
  4. What – are the benefits?

This first consultation should generally take between 30 - 45 minutes, and should be done before any sort of treatment process is undertaken. I strongly recommended that you bring all of your skin care products, make-up, vitamins and medications along with you (yes, even your shampoo!). You'd be surprised about what we learn from what is applied daily on our skin.

On average a woman applies a staggering 515 different chemicals on her body a day! Some of those may, and do, cause various skin intolerances and conditions. The idea is to protect you from chemical overload.

Sometimes less really is more! It’s all about saving one skin at a time.

Jennifer BrodeurMs. Brodeur is internationally known for her study and deep knowledge in the field of light therapy. This knowledge and experience helped create Max LED Technologies, which Ms. Brodeur co-founded in 2003. She continues to serve as director of market intelligence and head of training & worldwide seminars.

In 2009, Ms. Brodeur married her expertise and passion for the aesthetics industry to create Bella Clinique. In 2012 Bella opened a second location in downtown Montreal.

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