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Early this week, I was invited to discover the new face of Annabelle Cosmetics - Singer Marie Mai - and their new fall products that are going to launch in July. It was held at the beautiful Loft Hotel downtown and gathered a great mish mash of the best Montreal fashion & beauty bloggers, as well as artists.

For those who aren't familiar with the brand, Annabelle cosmetics is a Montreal-based brand, part of the Marcelle group and has been around since 1999. It offers a variety of makeup and skincare products for a wide demographic - from teenagers to mature skins. Back when I was a teenager, I used to use some of their products. So when the opportunity to attend this event came along, I jumped in because I was curious to discover their new fall campaign and products!

As I was taking a glance at the different booths showcasing the newly updated products, I can happily attest that Annabelle Cosmetics has highly improved their packaging (it was about time!). The new branding has made them modern and appealing to the younger crowd.

However, I was surprised to hear some explanations about the benefits of certain products - knowing that their strength is in makeup, not skincare - I mean… besides being a Professional Makeup Artist, I majored in biochemistry, and hearing that ''this product triggers the production of collagen and works on the elasticity of the skin, as well on the wrinkles, the blood circulation, and makes your skin radiant'' seemed pretentious and not very convincing. Sure, their skincare products hydrate and are paraben-free, but that's about it.

Now having got that magical-cream-full-of-youth-promise out of the way, I can definitely say I enjoyed the variety of eye shadow pigments the line offers, as well as my two favourite discoveries:

  • The TWISTUP lipstick crayon! This is a combination between a hydrating lipstick, and lipgloss - for a defined, sheer, and creamy finish all in one, within a retractable easy-to-carry crayon. After trying it out, I have to admit it's very comfortable on your lips, non-sticky at all, and non-drying. If you are looking for a long-lasting finish, I suggest you apply a lipliner first, otherwise this product alone won't last long enough. You would have to reapply it often, which is good only for ladies addicted to continuous lipgloss application :).These babies are available in 12 colourful and trendy shades you will have fun discovering/ playing with! I had a purple one in my goodies bag and I love it, the same one Marie-Mai is wearing on the picture!)

TWISTUP Lipstick Crayon from Annabelle

  • My other surprising discovery was the BB line, specializing in smoothening the skin's texture and imperfections. 'The BB beauty Balm' with SPF15 blends very well with the skin and the light pigments copy your skin colour,so your skin definitely looks smoother and unified, but please…don't apply tons of it, I guarantee you'll look cakey even if the product is as good as it is. One hazelnut size is enough for optimal results! Also, there is 'the BB skin retouch crayon' I like, a double ended thick pencil that offers a primer to smoothen out the fine lines on one end, and a corrector for small blemishes and tone imperfections on the other end, it's definitely a product to consider in your kit for quick touch ups throughout the day!

BB cream Annabelle


Having chosen Marie-Mai as the new face of Annabelle cosmetics is a great idea, she embraces youth, energy, and trend, which is the message the company wants to carry.

Marie Mai for Annabelle

It is good to see that some Canadian Artists are proud to encourage a local brand, the new line and new booth will be available in July in department stores. I'm sure you will enjoy discovering the wide array of products!

For more pictures on this event, visit the Annabelle Cosmetics Facebook page. And if you have any questions or comments to share with me, please connect; I'm always thrilled to discuss anything make-up!

Amal Afoussi MUA

Amal Afoussi is a Montreal based Professional Make-Up Artist, with a degree in Biology from Concordia University. Art has always been a driving force in her life, and she dabbled in its many different forms: ballet, painting, and drawing…  eventually realizing that playing with colours and textures as a Make-Up Artist would be the only way to satisfy her innate creativity. She studied Make-Up Artistry at the Internationally renowned Lasalle College in Montreal under her mentor and teacher Jacques Besner.

With talent, determination, and hard work, Amal has earned the privilege to work with top fashion icons such as Eve Salvail and Jean Paul Gaultier, and many other accomplished artists.

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