Outdoor winter fun, but my skin is not laughing?

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Should I change my skincare routine? Outdoor winter fun, but my skin is not laughing? Intimidated by the cold winter weather? Wondering if you should change your skincare routine? You don’t know where to begin? In the winter months, its not just luck or genetics that keeps skin luminous. It’s all about using the right products at the right time - adjusting skin care routines to deal with the natural change in seasons. For example cleansing in the cold winter months, cleansing is important - specially at night. However, you want to cleanse at night only and simply splash water on your face in the morning.

I am personally now addicted to the Floral Hydrating Essence by Tata Harper (it's a potent concoction with Hyaluronic Acid, Beet Root, and Vitamin C) which I splash on my face every morning as part of my beauty routine. It is a light moisturizing toner spray that deeply hydrates my skin and gives it that dewy, radiant complexion.

It is vital that you use the correct formulation for your skin type, starting with your cleanser, when faced with extreme weather changes from very cold to sometimes very warm. Using the wrong formulation is ineffective at best and, under some conditions worsens the problem. For example in winter, mousse, foam or gel type cleansers can create dry, brittle skin; and in the summer heavy cream like cleansers can make skin oily and prone to breakouts. Even the simplest cosmetic skin-care products have an appreciable influence on the physiological skin processes. (This is why for optimal results I recommend a complete skin diagnosis and a treatment plan with a licensed aesthetician).

Too many cleansers on the market today contain harsh chemicals from alcohol to various glycolics that strip away and disturb your acid mantle. When it becomes impaired you start noticing unpleasant changes in your skins texture and over all appearance. You don’t want to be out laughing while your skin cells are screaming for HELP.

After cleansing it is vital to choose the appropriate cream.  Do not over exfoliate however do STAY MOISTURIZED. Today you can find heavy-duty skincare products that will protect you from the harsh cold. In order to enjoy winter outdoors fun when it's sunny, sun protection is very important. Snow has a way of reflecting sunlight and you can easily end up with sunburn. Sunburns are never IN!

Once a week give your skin a little extra TLC with a skin mask or feed your skin some good oils - such as Kahina Organic Argan Oil (rich in vitamin E and antioxidants) or replenishing Nutrient Complex by Tata Harper. The skin needs something soothing and hydrating especially if you have been skiing or skating up a storm. Same thing goes for the winter runners.

Most importantly, dress warm. Wear a cotton hat & scarf when possible, wool can cause a rash and sometimes blemishes on the forehead, under the chin and neck area. And as always drinks lots of water.  Winter comes and goes in a flash, take the time to protect your skin and enjoy the joys of our great Canadian winters!

It’s all about saving one skin at a time.

Jennifer BrodeurMs. Brodeur is internationally known for her study and deep knowledge in the field of light therapy. This knowledge and experience helped create Max LED Technologies, which Ms. Brodeur co-founded in 2003. She continues to serve as director of market intelligence and head of training & worldwide seminars.

In 2009, Ms. Brodeur married her expertise and passion for the aesthetics industry to create Bella Clinique. In 2012 Bella opened a second location in downtown Montreal.



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