Très Hot Window Display at Giorgia Femme-Ursula B.

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Window displays have always fascinated me and I love walking through Montreal malls and shops taking in the creative magic of the visual merchandisers. Today I came across something I had to share. Late evening, walking back home from a movie with friends via the underground city through Les Cours Mont-Royal and there it was. One of the most innovative window displays I had seen in a while. Understated yet elegant. What was amazing still is how simple the idea itself was.

Window Giorgia Femme-UrsulaB

Plain walls with large drop shaped cutouts, hydrant, fences, road and dogs held on chains. A closer look revealed that almost all of it was made with double sided (silver on one side, white on the other) paper. Now I'm just the average Joe but this display was an inspired piece of work. The dogs and hydrants were cut-outs stuck to the wall. The fences and roads were again cut-outs layered to give a 3D effect. The chain running from the dog to one of the mannequins gave the display a touch of genius. A leather belt placed in a spiral fashion with one of the dogs reaching for it was sheer creative flair.

Window Display 2 Giorgia Femme-UrsulaBI did not have my camera with me and had to use my smart phone to take the pictures. I was almost afraid the pictures would not do justice to the display. Even though the photographs were not as bad as I feared, it`s still a far throw from how the display comes together in a very zen way. Of course the lighting (low-angled) only enhanced the effectiveness of the display.

All in all a very attractive and classy piece of work. It drew attention to the store without taking away the spotlight from the products on display.

I say give the dude/dudettes behind this idea a raise.

Credits: Photos of the window display at GIORGIO FEMME-URSULA B at Les Cours Mont-Royal, 1455 Rue Peel

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