January Boots Bonanza on a Budget

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Jan's the time to own those boots you always wanted ;-) Who says you have to rush after heady Xmas days and stand in snaking queues to get 'the' deals. I say January is the time to shop for boots! And if your appetite for footwear is insatiable like mine, it's jackpot time.  

So many beauties for around $50.00 or less...these ankle boots I managed to buy for under $27.50 from Payless!


Ankle boots Payless


Next on my list these super fashionable warm knit boots, again from Payless:

Knit boots Payless


Well, the real McCoys are the Jimmy Choos comme ça...

jimmy choos

and the Manolo Blahniks comme ça...

Manolo Blahniks

Until I can afford them, I will only feast my eyes on them...for I know my 'within-budget' boots look and feel like a million $$$ anyway ;-)

But back to the January jackpot I mentioned, this weekend's customary trip to Fairview mall, Pointe Claire revealed not-to-be-missed deals...I found awesome boots for $9.99 at Yellow! They tell me these deals will last for 2 weeks only, so if you want to own ultimate-fashion-at-incredible-value-for-money, you owe yourself a trip to the mall asap!

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